Re-igniting the Romance of Faith

Go to Confession: believe that your sins are truly forgiven, even when you don't leave the confessional in tears. 

Read the Bible: even when you feel you've read it a thousand times before, it is amazingly, always new, because it speaks to you at the particular state of life in which you read it. 

Learn about the lives of the Saints: if you think your life is dull, look to others who've gone before you for inspiration.

Read the Catechism and Vatican II: reflect on them, and perhaps spend less time arguing with others about what we think these documents mean.

Help those in need: Nothing takes your mind off yourself like engaging in practical ways in the suffering of others.

We can approach the Year of Faith like a child, like a beggar, like a poor young man rather than a rich one, like someone who believes there is still so much in this 2000-year faith tradition that we can learn. If there's a particular virtue required for approaching the Year of Faith, it is humility.

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12/2/2022 9:05:40 PM
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