Thoughts on the Visitation: Who Brings Jesus to You?

My children. Over the course of over twenty-five years of parenting, I've seen my children bring me Jesus through their smiles and little heartfelt prayers, to their helpful chores done in the name of the love, to their own adult professions of faith and service to others.

My friends. Countless friends have gladdened my soul with their visits in my home and elsewhere. In recent weeks, they've been at bridal showers for my daughter. In days gone by they've stood by during my years of study for my Masters, or patiently sat beside me as I waited in cancer ward queues for check-ups and blood work. Others have filled my joy tank with weekend escapes to ski, camp, or explore new cities. A few have made religious pilgrimages with me.

My priests and my local Catholic church. Every week I am privileged to receive the Blessed Sacrament—Jesus!—or receive his mercy in reconciliation, thanks to the priest at our church. I've been anointed before surgeries and I've been consoled when grieving a loss. I've been part of a parish of neighbors and townsfolk who are growing in the Spirit together and where we can serve those in need of love and support in our region.

Mary. This spiritual mother has changed me for the good of all who know me, and I talk a lot about her in here and . St Louis de Montfort once preached, "The salvation of the whole world began with the 'Hail Mary.' Hence the salvation of each person is also attached to this prayer."

For these visitations and for so much more, I am truly grateful. They move my heart as I contemplate Mary's feast day this week.

And you know what happens when a heart is moved—we are moved to action.

How about you? Who brings Jesus to you, and who will you bring Jesus to next?

5/30/2013 4:00:00 AM
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