Do Pagans Wear Religious Blinders?

My point is not just to accept Christians, it's that Christians have something to teach us. We don't need to accept their savior, but we should remember that ideas about original sin, salvation, and Hell play no role in the day-to-day spirituality of many Christians.

(For some they do; I met that kind of Christian too.)

For a religion that is so open to diversity, eclecticism, and cultural exchange, Pagans are sometimes very narrow in what they accept as meaningful. The Maiden is in; the Virgin is out. Horus, yes; Mohammed, no. The cult of Mithras, with its communal feast and its pope, interesting; the Catholic Church, with its Communion and its pope, disgusting.

Do Pagans wear religious blinders?

And how can they be removed?

11/14/2012 5:00:00 AM