Selfies have been around since 2010, just as smartphones with cameras began catching fire. The word "selfie", however, wasn’t recognized by the Oxford dictionary until 2013. But the word grew in such prominence in a short period of time, that 2014 was declared "The Year of the Selfie." At the end of the day, selfies are about the "Self". What I look like. Where I am. Where I've been. Who I'm with. What I’m doing. Selfies often do not show what life is really like, but rather show an illusion and a filtered, edited reality. Social media for many is a mask and and a way to show a more perfect "you". Humility is the opposite of selfies. It aims to put others before us. Learn how humility can help us become an even better person through the example of a person who has never focused on 'selfies.' ------ This series is dedicated to HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj, whose centennial in 2022 gives an occasion to celebrate and share the life of a person who will inspire generations towards faith, goodness, and harmony. OTHER PLATFORMS: INSTAGRAM MEDIUM OTHER PLATFORMS: INSTAGRAM MEDIUM