This Part 3 of our New Testament series will focus on evidence from the Book of Mormon narrative which indicates that some New Testament language present was introduced into the text through direct revelation from the Lord. Words close to Matthew 3:2–3 show up in Alma 7:9; 9:25; 10:20, and Helaman 5:32. In the case of Alma 7:9, and also in the other cases introduced into the discussion above, the words in question were delivered to Alma the Younger directly by the Holy Spirit. Amulek and others heard similar words from angels, and the Lamanites heard such words by a voice from heaven. In its own terms, the Book of Mormon supplies the origin of these messages, offering an answer to the question of why these words are found in the Book of Mormon. They are there because they were revealed on those occasions by revelation and the word of prophecy. Read at