To conclude his historic speech, King Benjamin expressed the hope that his people “should be steadfast and immoveable, always abounding in good works, that Christ, the Lord God Omnipotent, may seal you his”. In the ancient biblical world, seals were used to make important political pronouncements, legal contracts, and religious actionss official. In the ancient Near East, seals validated the legal ownership of goods and materials. They marked and limited the right to possess objects to the person in whose name they were sealed. Thus, within an ancient Israelite context, to be sealed as Christ’s is to be literally marked with His name, as belonging to Him. The practice of sealing documents was also meant to ensure their authenticity and integrity. Seals protected the contents of a document or container from tampering. Thus, when Christ “seals you his” he is, in effect, attesting to or protecting your integrity and purity. With this ancient context in mind, we understand the importance of the sealing power. Those whom Christ has “sealed” as His are they on whom Christ has placed His name. Because they have this name written upon their hearts, He can claimthem as His own. They are His, and He will protect and care for them always. And now you know why