Learn more about Hugh Nibley by listening to “What Was Hugh Nibley Thinking About When He Landed His Jeep on the Beach on D-Day?” Enjoy the inspiring, untold stories of his life and work in the new book “Hugh Nibley Observed," available in hardcover, softcover, digital, and audio formats. For more information, visit InterpreterFoundation.org/books/. On the dawn of one of the most daring and dangerous events of World War II, the typical soldier would hardly be thinking deep thoughts about puzzling intellectual problems. But then again, Hugh Nibley was not the typical World War II soldier. He said, ““As we were a couple of feet under water, that it really hit me—how astonishing the Book of Mormon truly is.” In this video, we will show how Nibley’s pioneering research on Lehi’s trail in Arabia provided the foundation for additional discoveries by other researchers generally confirming and enriching his early hunches.