From Sin to Saint

Part 4: Dietrich's Final Hours & Complicated Legacy EPISODE 4

In this episode, we examine what we do know of Bonhoeffer's role in Nazi resistance, his time in prison, his final hours, and, lastly, the various interpretations of Bonhoeffer's legacy in the decades following his death. Our ultimate goal is to carefully consider this question: what can we learn from the life and tragic death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer? Enjoying this series? Consider rating and reviewing From Sin to Saint on your favorite podcast app. Also, consider checking out the other podcast offerings from Patheos here , like Answers , Why I Stay , or The Bible Brief Podcast. Did you know that Patheos has a YouTube channel? Subscribe by clicking here. Curious about religion? Explore the world's beliefs at Patheos.com or Like and Follow us on Facebook.

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