Honest Tea Talk: A New Show by Muslim Women — raw, real, honest. Featuring Aliyah Quadri (Umm Raiyaan)— Solace | Sisters Achieve, LaYinka Sanni— Evolve & Emerge and Sumayah Hassan— Recite & Reflect. Join the discussion on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/honestteatalk/ Unlike Anything Out There. _______ For the longest time, Muslim women have been brilliant at wearing masks, and this has been to our detriment. Honest and real conversations rarely go beyond closed doors, which can often leave some sisters feel like they're the only one going through things. Honest Tea Talk brings deep and often unspoken topics to the table to lay down our masks and start much-needed discussions about matters related to Muslim women and the ummah at large. 3 Muslim women have set up a platform to speak openly and honestly, giving viewers an unedited insight into the minds and life of Muslim women. HONEST TEA TALK NEEDS YOUR HELP! Please donate whatever you can — really, everything counts —so we can continue bringing real, deep, and unspoken topics to the table. Donate at: — https://www.gofundme.com/honestteatalk — http://bit.ly/HTTdonate