Second Cup with Keith

Women Saved Through Child-birth? EPISODE 3

Many verses in the Bible are challenging because they seem to say one thing, but after learning more of the context, you then gain a deeper understanding of the meaning. In this episode, we dissect a puzzling verse of scripture, 1 Timothy 2:15. Paul’s statements have often been misunderstood or taken out of context to insinuate that women’s salvation is contingent upon bearing children. It has often been used to make women feel that the only way they can fulfill their purpose in the body of Christ is through childbearing. By looking at the historical and cultural context of the time and location, we can clear the confusion and see that this verse has nothing to do with salvation, personal worth, or value in the kingdom of God. In this episode, we cover: The Historical reality of childbirth Artemis worship in ancient Greece The backlash to Paul in Ephesus Jesus Unbound. *New episodes released every other Monday

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