Meet the Director: Abigail Disney

I still believe all the same things about a woman's right to control her reproductive destiny with the same certainty as when I started this project. But now I also know that people like Rob do not disagree with me because they are bad people, or stupid, or because they have been duped or are part of a great conspiracy to ruin lives (although some or all of this may be true of some of his allies, but then again some or all of these things can be ascribed equally to plenty of people on my own side of the political spectrum).

I also know that miraculous things can happen when people choose to put aside their differences and choose to inhabit the spaces they share. Those spaces tend to be way above politics. That's what Rob and Lucy and my whole crew and I chose to do. And I think we have all been changed for the better.

9/30/2015 4:00:00 AM