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  • Faith: Christianity
  • Profession: writer, novelist
  • Lived: April 10 1954 - Present (Modern Era)
  • Nationality: American
  • Known for: novels and non-fiction writing
  • Fun Fact: Her first novel was written for her father, Kenneth Lamott, after he was diagnosed with brain cancer.
  • Fun Fact: She has stated that she tries to write the books that she would like to read.
  • Fun Fact: 
Anne Lamott was born in 1954 in San Francisco. She spent her high school years at Drew School before attending Goucher College for two years. During that time she wrote for the newspaper before following in her father's footsteps and becoming a writer herself. As a writer, she has been described as capturing "particularism," a specific style of narrative nonfiction. Her books are known for their self-depreciating humor and cover subjects such as alcoholism, single-motherhood, depression and Christianity. She has one son, Sam, and a grandson, Jax.

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