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  • Faith: Judaism
  • Profession: Politician
  • Lived: October 21, 1949 - Present (Modern Era)
  • Nationality: Israeli
  • Known for: 9th Prime Minister of Israel, elected 4 times
  • Fun Fact: Netanyahu is the first Israeli Prime Minister born in Israel after the establishment of the state in 1948.
  • Fun Fact: He has been elected four times, matching the record of David Ben-Gurion. Netanyahu is also the only prime minister in Israel to be elected three times in a row.
  • Fun Fact: 
Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu was first elected to the position of Prime Minister of Israel in 1996. He held the position until 1999. He was elected again 10 years later in 2009 and, as of 2018, was still in office. Prior to serving as Prime Minister, he was a team leader in the Sayeret Matkal special forces unit where he took part in many missions including Operation Inferno, Operation Gift and Isotope. He was wounded in action but still fought on the front lines of the War of Attrition and the Yom Kippur War. He achieved the rank of captain before his discharge and founded the Yonatan Netanyahu Anti-Terror Institute. The institute was named after his brother, Yonatan, who was killed while leading Operation Entebbe.

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