Image source: jdgreear.com
  • Faith: Christianity
  • Profession: Pastor
  • Lived: May 1, 1973- Present (Modern Era)
  • Nationality: American
  • Known for: J.D. Greear is the Pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina
  • Fun Fact: Greear is currently serving as the 62nd president of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Fun Fact: Under his leadership, the Summit Church has grown from 300 churches to over 10,000.
  • Fun Fact: 
James David Greear is the leading pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina and the 62nd President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Originally from Winston-Salem North Carolina, Greear completed his Ph.D. in Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was inspired by the correlations the gospel and Islamic theology which led him to serve in Southeast Asia with the International Mission Board. Greear has a clear vision of establishing a worldwide presence and has committed to plant one thousand new churches by the year 2050. J.D. Greear is also a writer and has authored several books such as “Above All; The Gospel is the Source of Church’s Renewal” and “Not God Enough: Why Your Small God Leads to Big Problems.

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