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  • Faith: Christianity
  • Profession: Archbishop of Constantinople
  • Lived: 349–September 407 (Early Church)
  • Nationality: Greek
  • Known for: Early Church Father, second most prolific early Christian writer
  • Fun Fact: He was considered to be so eloquent that his epithet, chrysostom, means "golden-mouthed."
  • Fun Fact: The only writer from the early Christian Church with more surviving writings in Augustine of Hippo
  • Fun Fact: 
John Chrysostom was born in 349 in Antioch and is honored as a saint in Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran churches, and Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics hold him in special regard as one of the Three Holy Hierarchs. He is the second most prolific author from the early Christian Church and was so eloquent that he was called "golden-mouthed." He served as the Archbishop of Constantinople and was known for his excellent preaching and public speaking skills as well as his denunciation of both ecclesiastical and political abuse of authority.

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