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  • Faith: Copy of Zoroastrian
  • Profession: Ethologist, Evolutionary biologist, and author.
  • Lived: March 26, 1941- Present (Modern Era)
  • Nationality: American
  • Known for: Known for being an outspoken atheist and criticism of creationism and intelligent design.
  • Fun Fact: Dawkins is an emeritus Fellow of New College, Oxford.
  • Fun Fact: Dawkins is the vice president of the British Humanist Association.
  • Fun Fact: 
Richard Dawkins, born Clinton Richard Dawkins is a British evolutionary biologist and popular-science writer from Nairobi Kenya, where his father was stationed at during World War II. Once the family returned to England, Dawkins received his bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in zoology from Balliol College, University of Oxford. While he was there, he was tutored by Nobel-prize winning ethologist Nikolaas Tinbergen. He then became an assistant professor of zoology at the University of California, Berkeley.  Dawkins is widely known for being an atheist and his views on evolution, emphasizing the gene as the driving force of evolution. In his first book, “The Selfish Gene,” he argues that natural selection takes place at the genetic rather than the species or individual level. Over the years, Dawkins has delivered many lectures and edited several journals. He is the senior editor and columnist of the Council for Secular Humanism’s “Free Inquiry” magazine and has been a member of the editorial board for Skeptic magazine. Other books Dawkins has written include “The God Delusion,” “The Blind Watchmaker,” and “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

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