Wallace Fard Muhammad

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  • Faith: Islam
  • Profession: Pastor
  • Lived: February 26, 1877 - April 17, 1905 (Modern)
  • Nationality: American
  • Known for: Founder of Nation of Islam
  • Fun Fact: Little is known of his past or history to this day. Even his death date is only an estimate, as he simply vanished.
  • Fun Fact: Fard began preaching by using the Bible before slowly increasing his attacks on the text and setting himself up as a prophet.
  • Fun Fact: 
Wallace Fard Muhammad is known for founding the Nation of Islam, but much of his background remains a mystery. He thought to have lived and worked in Detroit in the early 1930s selling silks to black families that he claimed came from their home country. He preached the Bible for a time but became more and more outspoken with his attacks on the Bible and Caucasians. He later introduced the Quran as the most authoritative text for his followers. His followers did not send their children to public schools but were taught in Fard's University of Islam.

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