In Defense of Drones

Al-Qaeda might have preferred if al-Libi had gone down in a blaze of fire. It would have been silly for us to have given him the opportunity. War should not be a showcase for true grit. We have football for that; it was for good reason that organized sports supplanted the constant call for more bloodshed on the battlefield. Drones can take out our legitimate enemies while sparing our troops any exposure to harm. Applied to warfare, they are the best idea since white bread.

It took civilization many centuries to realize that not all is fair in love and war. Both the reasons for war and conduct in war must be regulated and restricted. Even when they are, Just War guidelines should not take into account the "fairness" of the balance of power of the two sides.

What is fair in war is keeping focus on the peace that must follow. The sooner it gets to it, the better.

6/13/2012 4:00:00 AM