Feminine Energy

Last week I related the beginning of my journey into consciousness and how it seemed to come to a head in 2012. Reading the Gnostic gospels was a key to my ability to perceive the progression of a new, emerging consciousness that had something to do with a book I was driven to write in which Mary Magdalene would play an important role.

Of Gospels and Gnostics

After studying the Gnostic gospels, I came to realize I had been like a student given a homework assignment I didn't understand, and I was just beginning to catch on.

I discovered that a universal spiritual tradition once existed that spoke of ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that descended to create all that is, but the details surrounding this knowledge were obscured in the mists of time.

The Gnostic Gospels and other ancient texts spoke of a split in the manifested Godhead itself. It was this schizophrenic split into two energies we call male and female that allowed individuality to come into being, that created good and evil, and that fostered all the wondrous shades of existence we call life.

And in the ancient texts, it was always the female aspect of the deity that broke the unity leading to the creation of matter and physical life as we know it. The central tension, the very engine that drives our lives with purpose, lies in the effort of these male and female energy polarities to reunify.

The story I discovered in the texts is that we are fragmented beings, incomplete parts broken off from a whole, and this breaking originated with the feminine energy.

Cherchez la Femme

When spirit first descended into materiality and merged with physical forms on this planet, we were closer to the feminine source of our origin with all its heart-centered characteristics. The world would have been magical to our early ancestors. Their young souls would have intuited rather than rationalized their way through the world immersed in the rhythms of Mother Nature. This is evidenced in cultures prior to 3,000 B.C. The majority of earth's cultures were feminine in orientation and matrilineal. They worshipped the Great Goddess above all other deities.

But ethereal spirit was encased in materiality and subject to the dangers of a physical world. Sabertooth tigers were chasing us around for lunch. Extreme climatic conditions and the need for food supplies now ruled our bodies. To survive, we began to analyze, categorize, and rationalize, and this was a male survival strategy to master our environment. It succeeded so well that we're now practically destroying ourselves.

But the cycling polarities of male/female energies were always in operation. In the Gnostic gospels, the Christ says the two must become one to realize the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact, the texts revealed that the Christ spirit incarnated to reunite with Magdalene, the Holy Spirit, and rescue his counterpart feminine force lost in an alien dimension of physical materiality.

I came to realize that 2012 is about the FEMININE ENERGY reemerging, recycling—not to replace the male dominated vibration, but to bring it into balance. It's a cosmic story of the spiritual evolution of our consciousness. We went through our primitive intuitive phase, then our analytic rational phase, and now we are at the phase of conjunction where we reunite our left and right brain energies into an operating symmetry.

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When the Two Become One

Abraham Maslow called it becoming an actualized human being; Carl Jung called it individuation; and Jesus called it the two becoming one again. The evidence of this shift in consciousness in 2012 is admittedly elusive in scientific terms, but I'll relate a couple of telling personal anecdotes.

I've been attending alternative living expos since the '70s. Every psychic or consciousness event I went to was 99 percent women and me. Guys just didn't do such touchy, feely stuff. Today every event is closer to a 50/50 split.

And the odyssey of my book, Pope Annalisa, is another example. I had to self-publish. No one wanted to touch a genre-bending spiritual novel by a first-time author on such an exotic, potentially controversial subject. After years in development, out of nowhere in the first three months of 2012, I received half a dozen serious calls from Hollywood and ended up with a movie deal. Simultaneously, I now have a major publisher that wants to distribute the book.

The fact that Hollywood types and conservative publishers would come together and understand this project would not have happened even a few years ago, but things have changed. It is 2012.

And I came to realize that the true story all along was not about Mary Magdalene the person, but Mary Magdalene as the feminine archetype that was manifesting itself in ways that would transform us as human beings by transforming our ability to perceive reality with different eyes.

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