Quantum Physics and Consciousness: The Third Way, Part 4

We can further refine the operations of consciousness in this manner—Consciousness with a capital "C" is the fundamental intelligent energy (call it God, higher intelligence etc.). This Consciousness manifests itself as different points of consciousness with a lower case "c." That would be you and me and every self-aware being. In quantum scientific terms, capital "C" and small "c" would be called non-ordinary and ordinary consciousness respectively. Big "C" Consciousness is the fundamental light or energy which, like using multiple projectors, projects all reality through us small "c's." Collectively, we participate as the aware observers who draw forth material reality from the quantum light wave. So, we see that the New Age concept of co-creation does have a basis in quantum theory.

Next week let's look at how an ancient universal spiritual tradition predicted and now supports the findings of modern quantum in pointing to the Third Way, a new paradigm of reality.

8/19/2012 4:00:00 AM