Article of Testing

The last part about temptation and delivering us from evil—well, we can count on it. We ask for God to deliver us from evil, and He will do it, even as we draw ever closer into our Father's embrace.

A couple of weeks ago, our nine-year-old granddaughter stayed overnight. Before bed, she and I prayed the Lord's Prayer together with her own personal intentions at the end. I could tell the wheels were turning as she finished the prayer. On the playground the day before, she had defended a friend, but the way she went about it probably wasn't the best, and she needed to talk about it, so we did. I told her that because she was willing to look at what she had done, she learned something about herself that she didn't like, but that the lesson would actually help her in the future to find a better way of handling a similar situation. She hugged and held me very close for a bit longer after our talk. I understood why. Sometimes it hurts to learn from our mistakes, but knowing unconditional love is available for us makes it all easier to bear.

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3/2/2012 5:00:00 AM
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