Four Compass Points for the Spiritual Life

4.   Embrace the Practices. As we live into the questions, receive the charisms, and honor the stories, we discover that we are called: called not only to reflect, receive, and remember, but also to respond. What does it mean to enter into the contemplative path? What choices are we invited to make? What disciplines and practices can we commit to? In what way will prayer, meditation, contemplation, fasting, study of scripture, and serving others take shape in our daily lives? How will our lives change, and what will such a transformed, transfigured life look like? No easy answers here: but when we embrace the silence, we find that it will make all things new--including our very selves.

Clearly, these four orienting points will look different in each person's life. But that's the point of the fingerprints again: we are all unique, and so will our experience of the landscape with the love of God be shaped for each of us individually. The gift that God longs to give you is like no one else's gift, anywhere in the universe. Which is why it is so essential that you take the gift and make it your own.

7/17/2012 4:00:00 AM
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