Propaganda or Something Else? Advent Reflections on 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16

Now that sounds like the David I know! That arrogant and cheeky little sneak would of course want absolute certainty about his destiny even to the point of making a proverb out of it, a turn of phrase that all can readily learn and easily remember. In the very heart of what appears on the surface to be the crudest sort of political palaver, the clever narrator has again shown us the David he has been presenting and will continue to present, a man who loves his God but at the same time a man who too often loves himself more.

Well, one can hardly preach such a thing on the fourth Sunday of Advent, can one? Though it is all too true that you and I are a far more like David than we care to admit, surely we for this day focus on the child of Bethlehem. And yet. Does not that child come, too, to call us all to our higher and better selves? Does he not grow up to urge us to be less like David and more like him? Perhaps just a bit of 2 Samuel 7 may not be completely out of place at this day of the year after all. I commend it to you, and wish for you the most merry of Christmas seasons.

12/15/2014 5:00:00 AM
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