The Journey Is Not the Thing

It was a memorable trip and I'm so happy I did it. But, with the exception of the stretch of train travel through the Rocky Mountains, which is an amazingly beautiful way to see that part of the country, the journey itself was unremarkable and uncomfortable. It was the people I met when I stopped, the friends and the strangers that defined the journey, that made it special.

Matt Litton writes that it is in these people that we see "the greatest reflections of our true lives." It's not the journey itself, but the people and the experiences we find along the way that are important. If I had the chance to answer my friend's question from all those years ago again, I would still say that I'm still walking, but I'd add that I'm also still learning along the way as well—learning to walk better, learning to love, learning to learn.

12/2/2022 9:10:34 PM
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