Mediating Lent

Week 5: The Brain
29) Keep track of how much time every day you spend on the computer. Ask yourself, "Does this time represent what I value most?"
30) Ask yourself, "How does your brain feel when you are browsing the web?"
31) Stay away from a computer for at least a day. Ask yourself, "How does your brain feel now?"
32) Assess which medium in your life is currently channeling new neural networks in your brain.
33) Create a plan to more regularly engage media that you want to be extensions of your humanity.
34) Ask your spouse, or a trusted friend, "How have I changed with the advent of Facebook/the Internet?"
35) How would your life change—for the better or the worse—if you changed the way you used media?

Week 6: The Spirit and Means
36) Bring to mind the last time you truly had a sense of awe or wonder. Find God there.
37) Bring to mind the last time you were truly underwhelmed or bored. Find God there.
38) Receive or observe a sacrament.
39) Ask a child or grandparent or spouse to read the Bible to you.
40) Consider how the Spirit is at work in a completely new social network, like Pinterest or Snapchat.
41) How is the cross a spiritual medium?
42) How is the empty tomb a spiritual medium?

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