Pope Francis: Laid-Back or Authoritarian?

I hope he is both. I could care less whether he is laid-back (although it might work to his benefit).

Come what may, we would all benefit from some clarity about the nature of leadership. It is actually possible to be a laid back, pride-ridden, autocrat. I think that Francis will be a far better pope than that. But people who don't take the time to define leadership often get the worst of all worlds.

Gracious Lord, bless your servant Francis. Grant him the charisms of your servants Francis and Ignatius and so uphold him as a leader of Christ's One Holy and Apostolic Church that his ministry might bless those who enter its doors, care and minister to those far outside its walls, and truly be the body of the One in whose name we pray, Jesus Christ, your son. Amen.

3/18/2013 4:00:00 AM