Big Movies Face off on the Big Question

The themes presented in these movies don't exhaust the possible answers to the question: What is the meaning of human life? Growth, joy, happiness, community, awe, and even play are persuasive enough answers to have more than a few adherents. Perhaps, the plethora of meaning-possibilities holds an essential clue to securing a satisfying enough solution to the ultimate question. The clue: The meaning of life is the meanings each of us bring to a life filled with choices and circumstances, and amazingly, no small and meaningful grace.

Rev. Kirk Byron Jones is a graduate of Loyola University and Andover Newton Theological School, and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Emory University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Drew University. Currently a professor of ethics and preaching at Andover Newton Theological School, Dr. Jones serves as guest preacher and teacher at churches, schools and conferences throughout the United States. His writings have been published in various journals, including The Christian Century, Leadership, and Gospel Today, Pulpit Digest, and The African American Pulpit, a quarterly preaching journal he co-founded in 1997.

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1/1/2000 5:00:00 AM