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Join us for a lectionary-based study of the Scriptures for this Sunday's liturgy, including commentary and links to resources for exegesis, liturgy, preaching and prayer.

Next Sunday, May 17th, is the 6th Sunday of Easter. The season of Easter lasts for Fifty Days. This year the Easter season lasts from Easter Sunday, April 12th-Pentecost, May 31, 2009. The liturgical color is white or gold. The Paschal candle should be lit at all Masses and liturgical celebrations. The sprinkling rite may be used at Sunday liturgies in place of the Penitential Rite.

Where the Ascension is transferred to Sunday, May 24th, the second reading and the Gospel of the Seventh Sunday of Easter may be read on the Sixth Sunday of Easter.

The three days after the Sixth Sunday of Easter were formerly observed as Rogation Days , an occasion for asking God's blessing on the year's crops. For a contemporary blessing of crops in rural settings, see "Blessing of Seeds at Planting Time in the Book of Blessings, #986-1006 or in Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers, # 309-311.

Here are the readings for next Sunday:

Here are a few good sites for exegesis (an explanation of what the Biblical texts are trying to say):

What are the Fifty Days of Easter/Easter season? The Easter season lasts 50 days, from Easter Sunday until the great feast of Pentecost, whose name means Fifty Days:

Liturgical Resources:
cf Living Liturgy 2009

Sourcebook, 2009

General Preaching Links:

General Exegetical Links:

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

General Intercessions (Prayers of the Faithful)

Here are some general principles:

Good examples:

Here's some interesting preaching blogs worth exploring:

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