How to use Patheos in the Classroom

  • As a textbook: The Patheos Library offers exceptionally strong academic texts for free. Assign Library articles instead of chapters from a textbook or as a supplement to more specific readings.  These sample syllabi demonstrate the ways Patheos has been used. A citation page offers the writer easy-to-use bibliographic forms
  • As a source for further research: The Patheos Glossary, Lenses, and Bibliographies afford a solid base of information that lead the students into a deeper understanding of the material.
  • To facilitate discussions: Each faith tradition's articles conclude with a series of questions designed to ignite meaningful conversations about the material.
  • To provide context for primary source materials: Primary source texts may require elementary information about terms, traditions, and concepts that are not clearly defined in the text; Patheos articles can give meaning to these ideas and help the student to a deeper understanding.
  • To offer students clearly written, timely articles presenting the interaction between religion and the public sphere: Patheos' Public Square offers a biweekly topic and invites key thinkers and authors from a wide variety of religious platforms to reflect on their traditions' perspectives.

1/1/2000 5:00:00 AM