Prep for Sunday's Mass

By Fr. Mike Boutin -- June 15, 2009
Photo: "Calming the Storm" James B. Janknegt 1982-2002

Next Sunday, June 21st, is the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The liturgical season is now Ordinary Time: not as in contrast to "extraordinary" time, since all time in Christ is extraordinary. Instead, we call it Ordinary Time, because the Sundays are "counted" (think ordinal numbers). The color for Ordinary Time is green.

Here are the readings for next Sunday:

Here are a few good sites for exegesis (an explanation of what the biblical texts are trying to say):

Preachers, any good homily starters? How do you prepare to preach each week? Which resources do you rely on? Share them with us, please!

General Liturgical Resources:
cf Living Liturgy 2009

Companion to the Calendar:

General Preaching Links:

General Exegetical Links:

Preaching the Lectionary

Jerome Biblical Commentary:

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

General Intercessions (Prayers of the Faithful)

Here are some general principles:

Good examples of intercessions for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time:

Here's some interesting preaching blogs worth exploring:

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