The Difficulty of Being a Modern Muslim Woman

WISE and Musawah are efforts envisioned and mobilized by Muslim women and men who come from a background of strength and success. Their life experiences have taught them the fundamental connection between Islam and gender equality. By striving to achieve change in the context of Islamic law, they are acknowledging the favorable role of Islamic law and spirituality in their own lives, and using it as a connection to the people they seek to help.

On a smaller, less dramatic scale, I, too, am working toward a changed gender dynamic in the global Muslim community. Through writing, speaking, and other forms of advocacy, I aim to bring complex gender issues to the fore so that they may be analyzed and their problematic elements addressed. The constant tension between my experiences and those of Muslim women elsewhere in the world provides an ongoing impetus to seek and create change.

Asma T. Uddin is Editor-in-Chief of, an online portal that explores gender relations among Muslims from the male and female perspectives, and puts the spotlight on strong, successful Muslim women.

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1/1/2000 5:00:00 AM