The Lord is my Shepherd

The evangelical movement as a whole faces this question. Are worldly "goods" good at all, and are worldly "evils" evil? If that is (instrumentally) evil, which leads to the (absolute) Evil, then what should we think of health and wealth, which lead us to trust in ourselves and our possessions, to rest in complacency and false security? And if that is (instrumentally) good which leads to the (absolute) Good, then what should we think of struggles and trials, doubts and suffering, which lead those who are humbled to die to themselves and rest in constant consciousness of their absolute need for divine grace?

Evangelicals often proclaim that the world's compass is inverted, and its arrow points to the south. The question is whether we really believe it. I believed it in the Shadowed Valley. I'm striving to believe it still.

1/1/2000 5:00:00 AM