Why use Patheos in the Classroom?

Research Resource: The foundation of Patheos is a free, expansive Library of easy-to-read information on 100 world religions, unmatched in terms of depth, breadth, and expertise by any other resource currently available on the Web.

User-friendly: The Patheos Library is easy to use and understand, and presented in a clear, compelling, and intuitive way. The Template applied throughout the Library allows the student to make legitimate comparisons and grasp the material clearly. The Glossary gives students an immediate source of clearly defined terms, relevant to each tradition.

Objectivity:  Patheos has no religious or political agenda or bias. The Library articles have no particular religious perspective or ideology; they present information impartially and without prejudice.

Author Credibility: All Library material is original and produced by the world's leading theological experts, many from top North American colleges and universities, with author bios and credentials accessible on the site.

Peer Reviewed: All Library content has been peer-reviewed to ensure the highest level of credibility, objectivity, and accuracy. Library materials are regularly updated to remain current and relevant to social events and issues.

Interactive:  In addition to the Library, students will find a variety of unique Lenses --- including maps, family trees, and comparison charts -- that can be used to compare, contrast, and learn about different religions and belief systems in ways never before available on the Internet. These interactive tools provide students with a greater understanding of religion and spirituality through visual, easy-to-use applications.

1/1/2000 5:00:00 AM