LDS Support of Man-Woman Marriage

This hostility to well-established religious belief and its free exercise was clearly evident in the Proposition 8 campaign, including its lead-up and aftermath. The Church and its leaders have urged compassion, understanding, and tolerance. Mormons for the most part heed that counsel and are compassionate, understanding, and tolerant individuals; however, in return the other side requires Mormons to sacrifice and compromise their most fundamental religious beliefs and doctrines by acceptance of a lifestyle clearly at odds with modern revelation on men, women, marriage, and the family. The insistence on the sacrifice and compromise of such core and fundamental foundations to Mormon belief will continue to keep both sides living in separate realities with little common ground.

Guy Murray is an LDS attorney in California, focusing on probate, wills, trusts, administration, health care directives, personal injury, and civil litigation. He blogs on LDS topics at the Messenger and Advocate.

7/7/2009 4:00:00 AM
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