The Power of Love

I believe that we are turning our back on Jesus' ministry when we pick and choose which unions are holy. Love is messy, uncontainable, surprising, and the source of all that is sacred. If Kristin Tremba has found love with her husband that is a wondrous thing to be celebrated; such love has the potential to bless the world. But, equally, the love expressed by LGBT couples has the potential to bless all of us. At a time of so much conflict and violence in the world, can we really afford to turn our backs on love? Not if we believe in the Gospel.

Sharon Groves, Ph.D., is the Deputy Director of the Human Rights Campaign Religion and Faith Program in Washington, D.C. She has overseen the creation of numerous new resources, including a weekly preaching resource, a guide to living openly in your place of worship and a biweekly e-newsletter. She co-authored an article on GLBT issues and world religions for Conscience Magazine.

Groves is a lay leader at All Souls Church, where she has chaired the Committee on Ministry and worked extensively on issues of racial justice, community voting rights and neighborhood outreach. Sharon received her PhD in English Literature from the University of Maryland in 2000 and is currently working toward a Masters in Theological Studies from Wesley Theological Seminary.

7/9/2009 4:00:00 AM