Ten Thoughts on the Convergence of Technology and Church

• Expectations - Technology will not save your church. Period. If survival is your primary motivation and NOT that your community is yearning for technology to integrated into congregational life, then don't bother. If you do try to force the use on folks who are not truly interested and able to use the technology, you will be faced with a journey of frustration and resistance.

Bonus Challenge -- In the end, no amount of technology, used well or not, amounts to a hill of beans if the congregation does not have an understanding of Christ in their individual and communal life. Having an effective mechanism for communication when the message is indistinguishable only creates confusion and the need for unnecessary explanations. The theological question before jumping in must be "What about our community of faith is worth sharing?" If you can answer that question well, then 75.76% of the journey is complete.

Obviously this is by no means an exhaustive look at the issues that arise from the use of technology in the church, but I hope that is helpful as a discussion starter. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email, tweet or ‘friend' me!

8/17/2009 4:00:00 AM
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