2012: the Movie

Just like the dreadful flood that wiped out all the humans save Noah and his family, 2012 achieves a fresh start for the world by wiping out nearly all human life.  One wonders if the lives saved were worth the trouble, and frankly I spent much of the movie wishing I could see an alternative film about those left behind, rather than rolling my eyes at the empty adventures of the elect. 

I saw Zombieland shortly after it opened, and in one scene the heroes passed by a theater in Los Angeles where 2012 was set to open.  Before opening day could arrive, of course, the zombie crisis hit and the theater had been destroyed in the ensuing zombie mayhem.  In Zombieland's version of the apocalypse, 2012 was dead before it ever got started.  Trust me, it was a mercy killing.

Worst. Movie. Ever.


Beth Davies-Stofka teaches courses on comparative religion and the philosophy of religion. She has also been an online columnist and critic and contributes regularly to the Patheos site.

11/18/2009 5:00:00 AM