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Companion to the Calendar: Mary Ellen Hynes' book on the calendar is the best available.  I actually think it may have been written for young people, but it reflects the broadest scholarship, a global sensitivity, and awareness of civic and seasonal calendars as well as the liturgical calendar.

Jerome Biblical Commentary: If you want to dig deep into the exegesis of the Sunday scriptures, why look any further?  The New JBC is a great investment, and you get a good upper body workout just by carrying it around with you!

Preaching the Lectionary: Reginald Fuller's work on lectionary preaching is one of the best one-volumes available. Ecumenical, smart, and a quick one-page-per-Sunday read.


General Preaching Links and helpful resources:

Catholic Coalition on Preaching

Dominican HS Preaching Resources on the Internet

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Crossroads Initiative Catholic Bible Study:

Phat Catholic Apologetics

Catholic Pages Directory


Here are some interesting preaching blogs worth exploring:

Word on Fire

Catholic Preaching

Catholic homilies

The Deacon's Bench

America Magazine's The Good Word

Dominican's Word to Life


Father Mike Boutin is the co-pastor of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Walpole, MA, and travels widely, leading pilgrimages throughout the world to various Catholic religious sites. He is a frequent speaker on liturgy, music, spirituality, and pastoral ministry.

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