The Goddess Within: Maiden, Mother, Crone

The Goddess lives within us. Whether you are a Maiden, Mother, or Crone, she walks with you; reach out to her and reflect upon the experiences of your life and how you can become more connected not only with the Lady, but also with the other aspects of Her within your family. Give mom or grandma a call; if they have passed on, honor them with a celebration of ancestors. It is my belief that one of the greatest things we can learn from the Goddess is the strength of the family and the wisdom and love that is within us all.

So take a moment. Thank your female ancestors. And thank the Goddess for giving you the wisdom and love that She instills in us all.

Believe me, She will listen.

This article was first published at and is reprinted with permission.

Skyhawk is a solitary "scientific" Pagan and in-training Inclusive Wiccan hailing from Carrying Place, Ontario, Canada. She currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario and is at McMaster University working on a degree in Earth Sciences. She is a strong-willed Aquarius and has been involved in the Craft for five years.

2/16/2010 5:00:00 AM
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