Is Paganism a Technology-Based Religion?

No longer were we limited to learning from whatever Pagan organizations happened to be nearby. The entire spectrum of the Pagan community was able to connect in new ways and deepen faith ties across oceans and continents. Virtual resources were developed for sacred dance, magical cooking, and ancient languages. Pagan parents were able to brainstorm regarding involving children in ritual, rites of passages for young people, and homeschooling.

Would Paganism have revived itself, revitalized and renewed, if the train hadn't been invented? The printing press? The cultural melting pot created by people flocking to industrialized cities? The anonymity of the internet? I doubt it.

Without the technological advances of the last century and a half we'd be limited to a few cautious individuals trying to survive under the radar of Catholicism and Protestantism. The momentum of our community would never have come to pass. I am very aware my faith was born not merely by moonlight, but by the soft glow of a computer monitor. For that, I thank Hephaistos.

5/18/2010 4:00:00 AM
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