Discussion Questions for Be Love Now, by Ram Dass

This month in the Patheos Book Club, we discuss the new release Be Love Now, by popular spiritual teacher Ram Dass. The following are questions for use with a small group or on your own. Join our online discussion of the book here.

  • Has your perception of love changed after reading this book? How so?
  • What was your reaction to reading Ram Dass’s experience of unconditional love? Have you had a similar experience, or do you have doubts about the existence of unconditional love?
  • Throughout reading Be Love Now, what challenged you in regard to your own spiritual beliefs? What was appealing or helpful to you? Why?
  • In chapter two, Ram Dass says, “Ultimately every method gets you to the same place. There are many paths up the mountain, but the peak is the same.” This is exactly what Stephen Prothero argues against in last month’s book, God Is Not One. After reading both books, what is your opinion on the matter?
  • Ram Dass states in chapter two, “Lots of people like to be seeking God, but not too many want to actually get there.” Do you agree with this?
  • Throughout the book, Ram Dass discusses the differences between western and eastern spirituality, especially the ways culture influences them. What are the challenges of the kind of spirituality Ram Dass presents to westerners? What might the benefits be?
  • What are your thoughts on the role LSD played in Ram Dass’s path to God?
  • Be Love Now is Ram Dass’s account of his spiritual journey. Describe your spiritual journey, or where you are now on that journey.
  • Be Love Now presents many ideas and concepts that might be new to you. What were the most confusing or difficult to grasp, e.g., loving awareness, darshan, siddhas, dharma? Why?
  • What is your reaction to or your perception of Maharaj-ji?
  • In chapter nine, Ram Dass presents accounts of numerous saints. Who had the biggest impact on you and why? Did you feel a connection with any of them?

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