God Is Not One

"This book could well be the most highly readable, accurate, and up-to-date introduction to the world's major religions. It does so by avoiding either polemics or the naive equating of them all as merely different paths to the same summit. Prothero faces the real differences among them squarely, but demonstrates how these differences can enrich, not prevent, dialogue and cooperation." - Harvey Cox, author of The Future of Faith

"So all religions lead to God? That is certainly the foundation for a widespread and well-meaning modern assumption. But as Prothero shows us in this erudite and very wide-ranging study, the world's different faiths differ enormously in their essentials as well as their incidental manifestations, and any serious consideration of the role of religion must begin by recognizing that fact. God Is Not One is an elegant and thoughtful study that challenges much of what we think we know about the great religions." - Philip Jenkins, author of Jesus Wars

"An urgently needed and very nicely done corrective to politically correct nonsense." - Rodney Stark, author of Discovering God: The Origins of the Great Religions and the Evolution of Faith

"With intelligence, wit, wisdom, and humor, Prothero has written an important and informative book, which happens to also be a very entertaining read! Through discussion of the world's great religions, the book makes a convincing argument about religious difference, a hopeful antidote both to the idea that religions are mutually exclusive and to the schmaltzy claim that ‘all religions are one.' In God is Not One, Prothero gives us a way to religious literacy. Everyone will benefit from reading this book." - Pamela Eisenbaum, author of Paul Was Not a Christian

"By giving us the best compact guide to world religions in years, Prothero has done an estimable public service in addressing religious illiteracy. With his usual combination of wit, insight, and breezy prose, he shows us that comparative religion can be both important and fun. His core point-that religions are diverse and plural, not necessarily mystical expressions of the same inner truth-is bracing and relevant. God Is Not One is the ideal jumping-off point for anyone who wants a single book that captures the core ideals and values of the leading religious traditions." - Noah Feldman, Bemis Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, and author of The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State

"Enough of lazy paddling of a false and dangerous idea that all religions are the same! They are the same and they are different, they are clashing and complementary, overlapping and incongruous. To live together well in a globalized world, we need to know each other's faiths, learn to debate in a civil way about their truth claims, and above come to respect each other even when we disagree on what matters to us the most. A very much needed book!" - Miroslav Volf, Professor, Yale University, and author of Exclusion and Embrace

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