An Orienting “Disorientation”: A Book Review

The temptation to lapse into feeling-over-thinking is not unique to our century; it is simply the product of what we might call "Evian reasoning." . . . reasoning that resembles the thought processes of Eve in the Garden, at the very infancy of human wondering. What sounds good and looks good must be good and so we should have it, despite arguments to the contrary or "arbitrary" rulings by an Authority. Eve allowed her imperfect reason to be subdued by her feelings and desires, and thus she took the world's headfirst dive into the waters of Sentimentalism, which -- while shallow -- are deep enough for infants to drown in. ~ Elizabeth Scalia, “Sentimentalism”

Read a chapter of Disorientation by Peter Kreeft here.


Julie Davis is a Catholic convert and a freelance writer and reviewer who also blogs at Happy Catholic, (from which this review is adapted), and Meanwhile Back in the Kitchen, and whose podcasts at Forgotten Classics are currently focusing on the Book of Genesis. Her new book, Happy Catholic, will be published in April by Servant Publishing.

10/22/2010 4:00:00 AM
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