Prayer and Eternal Bliss

Prayer is a trusty companion along the weary path to liberation. It is the rock to which a man can cling when he is drowning in the ocean of births and deaths. It frees him from the fear of death and brings him near to God, making him feel the divine Consciousness and His essential immortal nature.

Prayer works wonders and moves mountains. Even when the medical board pronounces a case to be hopeless, prayer comes to the rescue, and the patient is miraculously cured. There have been many instances of this description. You may be aware of this. Healing by prayer is really miraculous and mysterious. Prayer is an unfailing remedy in all situations.

Many a time I have experienced its marvelous potency. You too, can experience it.

Pray and prosper.
You cry when your house is burgled; you weep and wail when your child dies; you writhe in agony when your limbs are crushed. O man! Do you ever cry for God? Cry for Him always. He will avert all kinds of calamities. Twine yourself around Him for support. You will be free from the injuries of life. Follow this method and reap the harvest. Pray and prosper. None in this world will save you. It is God alone who loves you most. Call on Him and invoke His mercy. Pray fervently from this very second. You will attain eternal bliss.


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Swami Sivananda (1887-1963) was one of the greatest Yoga masters of the 20th century.

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