Does Prayer Really Make a Difference?

Renetta BurlageBy Renetta Burlage

Yes, prayer really does make a difference. Prayer is an expression of my faith and allows me to directly communicate with God by thanking Him for the gifts I have, sharing with Him my thoughts and feelings, and asking Him to reveal to me what I need to know in order to do His will.

After I pray, my faith has taught me to trust -- surrender and let go. Our will is not always God's will but just knowing that God is always working for our highest good gives me a sense of peace. Prayer is more than asking God to grant us our wishes or desires. We must trust Him that the outcome will be in our best interest and that we might learn from our experiences, deepening our faith even more.

The power of prayer is amazing and makes all the difference in my life!

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Renetta Burlage is the author of Bread on the Table (Campanile Publishing, 2009).  She currently resides on a small farm in Iowa with her husband and two children.

10/4/2010 4:00:00 AM
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