What Does God Really Look Like?

One can only look like who one is. So to answer the question we need to ask who is God? Now that opens the proverbial ‘can' but one thing we know for certain is that  "God is Love." Thank you, St. John

Okay, but what is Love? Fair enough. Love is patient, kind, bears, hopes, and endures all things and isn't jealous, pompous, inflated, rude, or self-seeking. Thank you, St. Paul. 

As a reflection of the One we may have to say that God desires to look like us . . .  "and the Word became Flesh and made his dwelling among us." Thanks again, St. John. Yet it certainly seems more appropriate that God desires us to look like Him. Even ‘perfectly' it seems. Thank you, St. Matthew. 

Are you ever going to answer the question, you may be saying? Hmmm, I hoped I did, but if not let meconclude with this: we are called to Love, to be all those ideals noted above, attainable ideals I might add, that we reach for, or not, each day. 

For me, and maybe some of you, they are often words, puffs of smoke that I sadly do not ‘own.' Yet we press on, why? Come on, scripture give me something here . . . Ah, yes, thanks again, St. Paul, because "Love never fails," and as "God is Love" neither will He for me (or you).

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11/2/2010 4:00:00 AM
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