Introducing "The Pastor's Workshop"

As I was writing this column, I learned that a dear friend of mine just resigned his pastorate. No new calling. No moral failure. Just the exhaustion that comes from years of trying to pastor a recalcitrant flock. My friend is not alone. A couple of years ago I met with a small group of some of the most outwardly successful pastors in America. They were the folks who seemed to have mastered the art of pastoring, with notable accomplishment. And they were also tired and discouraged. All but one admitted to having seriously considered leaving pastoral ministry within the previous year. They were hanging on out of faithfulness to the Lord, but they struggled with a loss of confidence and energy.

I realize that the impact of The Pastor's Workshop will be limited. Only God can bring deep renewal to pastors and churches. Nevertheless, I hope to make some small but meaningful difference in the ministries of the church leaders who stop by for a visit. So, let me invite you to pull up a stool. Bring your ideas, your questions, your doubts, your burdens. Most of all, bring yourself. You are welcome in The Pastor's Workshop.

11/10/2010 5:00:00 AM