Does God Really Talk to Us?

Have you ever been going about your day and a thought jumps into your mind telling you to call an old friend, go somewhere new, or make a decision that is outside your comfort zone? Maybe it hit you like a ton of bricks and makes perfect sense with your life at the moment. Coincidence? That was more than likely the voice of God whose voice and words to us weren't just for the ones living in the Old Testament. They are for us now.

There are so many different ways that I believe God talks to us -- through His word, through people (maybe even that conversation you had with a stranger today was God trying to get your attention), our circumstances, in a still small voice, in dreams or through His Holy Spirit. God's voice brings peace to our soul, and an understanding that doesn't make sense, but we trust. If you have ever wondered if what you heard was from Him or was just your own mind playing tricks again, then go test it by scripture. God will never tell you anything that directly contradicts His word.

For me as a Christ follower, I know that there have been innumerable times in my life that God has spoken to me. The real question is, But have I been listening?

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11/15/2010 5:00:00 AM
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