What Does God Really Look Like?

What do the Gods look like? Look in your mirror. Close your eyes. Look out your window. They are just as you imagined. They are like nothing you have conceived. They appear differently to every person.

The Goddess of Wicca appears to me as a maiden with eyes full of wonder and mischief, a woman in her prime flashing with vitality and intellect and an elderly crone still full of mischief and brimming over with wisdom.

The God of Wicca appears as the Sun Child full of promise, the Green Man abundantly fertile, the Corn King willing to lay down his life for his people and most importantly of all as the Horned One, a dark man bearing antlers who controls the mysteries of death and rebirth.

You see, the Gods of the Wicca are shapeshifters who can alter their appearance to suit their need, although they never appear contrary to their nature. In doing so they can take on the guise that we most need to see, whether we want to see it or not.

They are just two among many. Hephaistos looks much like his images through the ages: bearded, brawny, and lame. Dianceht always appears looking much like an Irish monk from a medieval text. Inanna is golden and regal. Baba Yaga is a wrinkly short stout old woman who brooks no nonsense. Bona Dea is a young matron, ethereal and earthy at the same time. Helios is the sun overhead, a pure golden circle.

The Gods have many guises. None is right. None express what the Divine really look like. What the Gods really look like is how they appear to you.

Remember that as you age and your styles change, you never present a constant image to them either.

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11/2/2010 4:00:00 AM
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