All Else Will Follow

So what do I recommend?  We can and should push the boundaries through our own imaginative acts.  We don't wait for someone to give us permission.  We cheerfully take action often and in many directions.  We model feminist behavior and make it work.  We write out our experience and our ideas to encourage more of the same. We value our lives and those of our sisters.  We take them seriously. We have to record their stories.  I also think that we have to get women up in front of the congregation at our church meetings.  We don't want to be mere observers.  We don't want it to look as if men in suits are the only important parts of our wards.  We see the boys in front all the time.  We need the girls to have more visible roles, performing, welcoming, praying.  We need to support each other.  In one place that I visited, there was a policy:  "No sister sits alone at church."  So sit by someone new and start a conversation.  We can create an enjoyable and enviable feminine world.  All else will follow, eventually, if not in my time.

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12/1/2010 5:00:00 AM